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Rotjan, Randi D., Koty H. Sharp, Anna E. Gauthier, Rowan Yelton, Eliya M. Baron Lopez, Jessica Carilli, Jonathan C. Kagan, and Juanita Urban-Rich. “Patterns, Dynamics and Consequences of Microplastic Ingestion by the Temperate Coral, Astrangia Poculata.” Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286, no. 1905 (June 26, 2019): 20190726.

Baron Lopez, Eliya M. “South Korean and Japanese Air Defense Identification Zone Claims over the Liancourt Rocks.” Ocean Yearbook Online 35, no. 1 (July 20, 2021): 633–48.

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Mendenhall, Elizabeth, and Eliya M. Baron Lopez. “Solving the Oceans’ Plastic Problem.” Current History 119, no. 813 (January 1, 2020): 22–28.